Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dawn on The Breeze

Another radio interview this morning - this time with Chris Burn on The Breeze. They must be getting less stressful to me because this one I was able to ignore until almost the last minute.

Half an hour to go and I put both dogs outside in their runs, gathered up a few notes - in case I forgot what the title of the book was, or worse, my own name! - turned the washing machine off and I was ready.

The interviewers have all been wonderful and I don't know why I worry about it. I guess no one wants to look foolish in public and if you're not used to talking on the radio then it feels pretty damn public.

I always think of Adrienne just before we go live. The regulars here all know the lovely and super talented Canadian actress, Adrienne Kress. I've sort of adopted her as my very own actress just so I can name drop! Anyway - I think to myself that this must be what she feels each time she goes on stage. It helps.

Anyway - seven minutes later it was over.

I hang up and think "that wasn't so bad" and wonder why I'd got so nervous.

Family are staying the night as they travel from Auckland down to Wellington so I shall leave you all with that and go chatter forth!


Marijke Durning said...

You're a pro. :-)

Leah J. Utas said...

Glad to know you've adjusted and the interviews are easier.
A little bit or nervousness is fine. Gives you an edge and keeps you sharp.

David L. McAfee said...

Look at you, giving interviews and palling around with the Lovely and Talented Adrienne Kress. :) Go Dawn!

Seriously, congrats on another interview. I'd be nervous, too. Yer human. Go figure ;-)

Crabby McSlacker said...

I can totally relate to the nervousness. The part I can't relate to is how quickly you're getting over most of it and how gracefully you're handling it all!

No tales of awkward stuttering or forgotten basics or mindless yammering--all the thing one worries will happen when nerves strike. Good for you, and it's great that you're continuing to get publicity for Ripples.

Have fun with your family visit. I suppose we could allow you a 'real life' for a few hours.

Talia Mana said...

Congrats. Being interviewed on a mainstream station like The Breeze is a coup! Was it nationwide or to a local region?

Dawn said...

Marijke - A nervous and insecure pro!

Leah - I imagine a few nerves will remain forever.

David - Thanks David - you're right, there's nothing wrong with being human!

Crabby - I do have a few notes beside me just in case I suddenly forget who the hell I am!

Talia - I was on The Breeze, Manawatu, so that was just local but the Mike Hosking show did a review a week back which was great because he has a very big audience. It all helps.

Adrienne said...


But isn't it a great feeling? I wouldn't want to do the acting if I didn't get that nervous energy before going on stage. I did a kids' show once where I was doing two shows a day for close to two months, and it didn't matter that I knew my lines so well that while I was on stage saying them I was creating a shopping list in my head or whatever, I still always got nervous before the show.

Well my dear you will be happy to learn that whenever I think of New Zealand (which is often, almost every day, I'm slightly obsessed) the first person I think of has now become you. Yes, you have now usurped Peter Jackson for first place (but please, when you hang out next, tell him I'm his and his alone!)

Yay on the other interview!!! You're a star!!

Dawn said...

Adrienne - so I guess I'm stuck with "nerves" forever then, if you still get them!

And next time Peter Jackson and I are having a drink togther, I will suggest you for the leading role in his latest movie.

Talia Mana said...

I'm going to break the trend here. I used to get nervous before I went on TV or did speeches etc but these days it's very rare. At first I thought there was something wrong with not having that adrenaline rushing through me but now I appreciate that I have changed. I don't think it's a given you will have nerves before every interview

Dawn said...

Talia - I'm very pleased to hear that because I would like to dump the nerves. I hope with a few more under my belt I will feel more confident. The good thing is - I don't seem to sound nervous.