Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who put that sign on my back?

The Bag Lady over at Bag Lady's Blather has tagged me.

Now I have done this particular tag before - name seven random facts about myself - but I'm guessing that the facts were all so boring that none of you can remember and won't realise if I end up repeating myself.

1. Twice during my lifetime, I have managed to stab myself in the foot with a pitchfork! I realise this is something most people manage to avoid completely, but perhaps they live pitchfork-free lives. My life has been full of pitchforks. So, I've stabbed myself once as a child, when I was helping my family gather up long grass we had just cut and once as an adult when I was "mucking-out" a stable in Cornwall. And I totally deny any rumour that suggests I am clumsy!

2. Have ridden a camel in Australia. (Have also ridden racehorses, showponies, cows, and sheep (any before you animal welfare people yell at me - I was very tiny and the sheep was very big.)

3. Have suffered concussion twice - and only once was it caused through the riding of assorted livestock! The other time, I was swinging on a tyre hung from the rafters and fell off and got hit on the noggin.

4. Once swore at a young man so violently that he came out in a nervous rash or something and had to see the doctor! Well, he shouldn't have sat on the arm of my chair and leaned across so that I was physically trapped in the chair while he then proceeded to "chat me up". Motto - never get a rat or a woman cornered!

5. Slept the night in a London loo. (I'm sure I said that one last time - you can tell it was the highlight of my big OE!)

6. I wear glasses for driving. (Stand back! Stand back!)

7. Once transported two sheep in my Mini! We were a sight to behold and yes, it did take a bit of cleaning up afterwards despite all the newspaper I had laid down.

So there you are - far more than you ever wanted to know about me. If anyone wants to play along, grab yourself a tag and run with it.


Leah J.Utas said...

Stabbing oneself with a pitchfork just does not sound pleasant at all.
Love. No. 4.

the Bag Lady said...

Dawn - thank you so much for playing along! Must have missed the first time you played, so these were quite enlightening! The Bag Lady has yet to stab herself in the foot with a pitchfork, but she really avoids using one at all, so lessens the chances considerably!

And it sounds as though you are a much more accomplished rider than she... she has never ridden a sheep (actually has never had anything to do with sheep) or a camel!
Loved the London loo sleepover - would certainly like to hear more about that!!

Reb said...

Dawn, what a life you have led! Sheep in a mini, what no pictures?

Marijke Durning said...

Hmm, maybe if you stab yourself with pitchforks and get concussions, you belong at :-)

Nice to see you and nice to learn more about you. Do share your loo story though. Curious minds NEED to know.

Clare2e said...

The pitchfork bit made me wince. Any chance the tines went through the space where the flip-flip goes and missed the little pink piggies altogether?

Travis Erwin said...

I pity those who have led pitchfork-less lives.

Dawn said...

Leah - I was a little embarrassed when I later heard that the young man had to see his doctor. But it was horrible. I was trapped in my chair while his face hovered one foot from mine and he gazed into my eyes and told me how much he had always adored me!

I think he went off me after that!

Bag Lady - I see that several people think the London loo story should be told so that will be my next post.

Reb - I wish I did have a photo of that time - we were certainly getting some strange looks as we zoomed along the road.

Marijke - The London loo story will be told.

Actually, I'm coming over to take a look at one of your other sites - the pain one - hubby is having a dreadful time with his back after his latest round of physio (they did some new treatment). He sees a surgeon in a couple of weeks as specialist thinks it needs to be operated on.

Clare - 'fraid I didn't miss the big toe. The tine didn't quite go right through. You could feel the little bump of skin on the other side of the toe that had stretched but not quite broken.

Travis - You're right - pitchforks add a whole new dimension to one's life.

Adrienne said...

What do you mean you slept the night in a London loo?! Hello! We want details!

You live such a cool life!

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Dawn,

These are great responses. Yes, I do remember your mentioning once before that you slept in a loo in London, but it is certainly worth mentioning more than once!