Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where I've been

It's been a difficult time over the last few weeks.

You'll remember out six lovely puppies - four of which had left home and we kept two. Well - out of the six, only three are left. Parvovirus swept through the local dog community and three of the puppies died. Our two, Bruiser and Jem have both survived and a little bitch that went just a couple of hundred metres down the road. The three that lived are the three that received veterinary care - so be warned - if parvo is in your area, get them help. They won't survive without it.

Bruiser was very bad with it. He is still very skinny despite getting three good meals a day. It is taking a long time to get the weight back on him. Jem went down after Bruiser so that he wasn't quite so advanced with the parvo when we called in the vet. It just feels so sad losing the other puppies after seeing them born and everything. They were such dear wee things. Both the little grey ones died.

Anyway - that left us with the most horrendous veterinary bill. Over a thousand dollars!

So it's been back to work for me over this last month picking tomatoes. I did work at this a few years ago but I was a few years younger too! I found it HARD this time. I picked around 2000kg each day and was just so tired when I got home that I could hardly move! Luckily, hubbie was really suportive and cooked dinner.

The good news is that the vet bill is paid, I've left the tomato glasshouse and am back at home, working on my website, lots of ideas in my head and with good intentions of getting back into the blogging a little more.

My Probiotic website is growing. It's up to around eighty pages now and I do enjoy doing it. Not ready to monetise yet but not far off. I'll keep you posted as to how things go in case anyone else is looking at that sort of thing.

Some of you will have spotted me lurking about on your blogs over the last few days as I start to update myself on all your news.

I'm still trying to get the tomato stains out of my skin after the month at the glasshouse! It's given me the most tremendous idea for a short story. Might try my hand at the Six Pack competition again. Some of you will be thinking "I think this is where I came in last year"! and you'd be right. I started blogging immediately after the judges didn't like the lovely story I wrote them last year.

Doesn't time fly!