Friday, May 9, 2008

Sleeping with dogs

It could almost be the title of a book, don't you think?

I've given up my claim on our double bed and leave hubby to sleep alone at night. He's able to shift himself around more freely to try to get comfortable and I miss the worst of the snoring when he's on his back! It suits us both!

So, I've put a mattress down on the living room floor, and of course, our old pig dog thinks this is wonderful. We let him sleep inside - because he's old and as he is part greyhound his coat is very fine.

Every evening, after I've helped hubby from the couch back to the bed, I return to the lounge to find Diesel curled up on my makeshift bed on the floor.

You'll remember that Diesel was the father of the puppies. And having mentioned puppies, Bruiser and Jem are now 7 months old, great gangling teenagers, full of energy. I feed them up on the deck so that hubby can see them out the window. Luckily we have an orchard they can be left playing in during the day so that exercise is not a problem.

Anyway, Diesel and I bunk down on the mattress on the floor together. As I said, he's old and his breath isn't quite as sweet as hubby's so he has to stay down the lower half of the mattress. He's loving it and will probably think he deserves a mattress for life after a few weeks of this.

Hubby and I are both hoping that the date for surgery comes up soon. Pig dog is happy to postpone it indefinitely!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fame at last!

Saffron Delaney and I have achieved super stardom at last! Yes - proud mothers are naming their babies after us!

And if you haven't seen these two gorgeous babies, pop over to Bag Lady's Blather to inspect an array of calf-cuteness.

Oh - did I forget to mention they're calves!

Saffron is a feisty little blond whilst I am a more sedate darker calf. Which more or less sums up Saffron and me anyway.

Hubby continues to suffer. It just makes me feel so helpless when he's in such pain and there is nothing I can do for him. We've got morphine which helps with some pain but not the sort that he gets when he tries to move.

I'm struggling to find time to do anything other than see to him. I know it sound silly but by the time we get through the daily ablution and such like tasks, half the day is gone. I'm champing at the bit to get back into my internet business and blogging but obviously he comes first.

Anyway, for anyone who wants to see a variety of cute calves pop over to the BagLady before they get turned into a casserole or something! And before there are any smart comments about the name, the BagLady is named thus because she makes some truly neat bags for supermarket trolleys.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Book Club Queen Interview

The last couple of weeks have been seen me drop almost everything to take up the role of nursing my hubby, so it has been a lovely break from rounds of emptying "bottles" to have my interview with the Book Club Queen.

I really enjoyed the Book Club Queen interview because this was the first interview I've had with a non-New Zealander (the Book Club Queen is actually two lovely American ladies.) That meant that the interview approached things from a different angle to a kiwi interview where both interviewer and intended audience are familiar with New Zealand history.

Most of The Flightless Writer regulars are American and Canadian so I think you'll enjoy the interview. It very much concentrates on the story (and not how many times I've stuck pitchforks into my foot!)

And the review of Ripples on the Lake is not simply a rehash of the publisher's blurb which they sometimes are. This is one reviewer who definitely read the book - I have had reviews where I wondered! And I love that she used a quote from Big Wal who seems to be almost everyones favorite character.

And ...

Yes there's more!

And - they're giving away a signed copy in a Book Club Queen competition so if you are that one person that I haven't already pressurized into buying a copy - this is your change to grab a freebie! I don't think you even have to do anything tricky to be in to win!

Hopefully, I'll be catching up with everyone's blogs over the next day or so. Hubby's back, (prolapsed discs) which has been a problem over the last year, suddenly took a major turn for the worse after some "new" physio treatment. He really is literally stuck on his back. Saw the surgeon this week and hopefully we won't have to wait too long.

Got to go. Another full bottle awaits me!