Monday, September 6, 2010

All Is Well

I know that with the recent earthquake in the South Island lots of my cyber-friends are concerned about how we are faring.

Hubby and I are fine.  We live in the North Island so are 500-600 kilometres away from the epicenter of the 'quake.  We slept right through it and never felt a thing!

However, what IS quite surreal is seeing all the images of the devastation on television.  These things happen in other countries - not your own.  Not sure why it is quite such a shock because NZ sits right on  top of several fault lines and we have frequent earthquakes.  Usually they are fairly small whereas this last one, at 7.1 was a biggy.

This link shows a few images.

We have built our tourism industry around boiling mud pools, geysers  etc - all a good indication of plenty of underground activity.  And we have harnessed all that activity to provide geothermal power.  So it isn't as if we should be surprised.

I live about 50 kilometres from Lake Taupo which produced the biggest volcanic eruption the world has ever seen about 1800 years ago.  So one of these days I will be in the hot seat.

But not today!


solarity said...

I thought you were on North Island, and wasn't worrying about you. Glad I was right! Hope the volcano stays peacefully asleep for another few hundred.
I have an online friend in Christchurch who works at the library at Canterbury; very glad she was home in bed and not at work with stacks falling on her.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Leah J. Utas said...

So glad to know you're okay. Good for NZ for putting all that geothermal activity to good use.

Reb said...

So glad to know you are alright. It must be heartbreaking for the people in Christchurch that have suffered so much damage.

Dawn said...

Solarity - We were very lucky with the timing of the 'quake. A few hours earlier and many of the city night spots would have been packed and a few hours later and the business premises would all have been packed. The library wold have been a very dangerous place to have been.

Leah - This link shows a nearby geothermal plant just out of Taupo.

Reb - Even this morning there have been big aftershocks that are still causing damage. An absolute heartbreak for them.

the Bag Lady said...

I've seen some of the pictures on the news and it looks terrible! Glad to know it didn't affect you, and I second the sentiment that I hope your volcano stays asleep for a very long time yet!