Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lake Rotoiti Holiday Park I Salute You

Lake Rotoiti Holiday Park - I salute you!

The lovely lady at the Rotoiti Holiday Park went above and beyond the call of duty in responding to a "domestic emergency".

One of the gorgeous motel units at Lake Rotoiti Holiday Park.  You can check out all the facilities at the best Rotorua Holiday Park.  From here you could fish any of the Rotorua Lakes whether it be Rotoiti, Rotorua, Okataina, or Tarawera.

Whose emergency you ask?


Regulars will remember that a number of months back hubby got a temporary job at the local mill. He loved the work and it gave us the opportunity to financially recover after several years on ACC after his back surgery.

Despite the surgeons best efforts, some part of the spinal cord was damaged during surgery and left hubby with a foot drop that has made work a little harder to find.

So to get the opportunity of the work was great. But of course, it was only temporary and eventually came to an end.

And then today we suddenly get the call - another temp position at the mill was available - could hubby start in the morning?

The morning!! I didn't even know where said husband was!

Today of all days he had wandered of to a fishing competition on Lake Rotoiti, a popular fishing and holiday destination.

And no that isn't hubby but it is the sort of fishing you can do at Lake Rotoiti Holiday Park

And today - of all days - our phone goes on the blink.

So I leap in the car and race off to the local village and use the pay phone to send a message to his cell phone.

Mmmm - his cell phone. This is the man who doesn't look at his cell phone from one week to the next. Can I really be sure he has the message?

So I email the Lake Rotoiti Holiday Park where the trout fishing competition was being held and ask if they could get a message through to him.

No problem, they say, we'll hand the message on to the competition organizers.

Mmmm - people are always saying they'll pass a message on - and don't. Can I be sure he has the message?

What say they hand the message on but fail to impress upon the competition organizer the urgency?

But here is the lovely part. A few hours later the lovely lady at Lake Rotoiti Holiday Park emails me back to reassure me that hubby has the message and is winging his way home ready for a start back at the mill in the morning.

So tomorrow morning, bright and early, hubby will be back at the mill for another stint.  We don't know for how long but with Christmas just around the corner even  a few weeks will be a bonus.

And I'm left knowing that the good ol' kiwi spirit where you help out your fellow man even if there's nothing in for you, still shines.

Thanks Lake Rotoiti Holiday Park.


fitzcharming said...

Wonderful! I wish they would just hire him permanently. And the park looks lovely too. Makes me want to take a vacation.

Leah J. Utas said...

Good to know they took the time and effort to make sure the message got through.
Glad he's back on.

the Bag Lady said...

Isn't it reassuring to know there are still people who care enough to make this kind of effort?
Kinda restores your faith in the human race, doesn't it?

Glad to know hubby has more work. Perhaps one day they will offer him a permanent position.

Dawn said...

Fitzcharming - Yes, we'd love it if the mill took hubby on permanently. They do have some temps that work there more or less the whole time.

Leah - Nice to know that people still make that bit of extra effort. I was so relieved when I heard that he had the message.

Baggie - It does indeed restore one's faith in human nature. He was intending to stay over there for several days and I knew there was no cell phone coverage out on much of the lake. Very relieved when it all worked out.

Reb said...

That looks like a wonderful place and I am glad they were able to help you out. And that hubby has work for awhile.

Dawn said...

Thanks Reb - it does look such a lovely place to stay, doesn't it. Right beside the lake.

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It's very relaxing to be away from civilization and live in this place for 5 days.

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